Netflix virus

DANGER Will Robinson. I wonder how many people will get that reference. I thought it was appropriate since we are talking about Netflix. It seems they have been the victim of the latest malware going around. This is just a quick post to walk you through what you should know.

The image in this post is a sample of what the email may look like, but it general the message looks like it came from Netflix stating that your account with be suspended if you don’t click the link and update your payment information. Netflix confirms this is not an email they sent out and warns all their users not to click on the link. It may look like the link takes you to Netflix, but it’s a spoof website designed to steal your credit card information. Here are some tips to help you stay safe against this attack.

  1. Use a secure password when you set up your account.
  2. Never click on the link in an email. Open a web browser and hand type If this message really did come from them, you will be alerted when you log into their legitimate website as well.

If you have already fallen victim this scam, know that it’s not your fault, but you need to act fast to lessen the damage.

  1. Call your bank or card issuer and alert them of the scam, and ask them to cancel all your cards. You may be held accountable for some of the damage but then again you may not if you catch it quick enough.
  2. Change your password to your Netflix account immediately.
  3. Log off of all your connected devices to make sure that you catch any devices that were not you.

While it’s hard to tell when the email is legit or a scam, there is one sure fire way to stay safe. Don’t click on the link, and if you are unsure, call the company directly. Don’t use the phone numbers or links in the email, google them if you are not sure.

Happy surfing and stay safe.


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